10 Mar 2013

The Topic this
month is: Game of Thrones

The interpretation of the topic has only one limit:
Your own Imagination!

Be creative and try to break all limitations that lurk inside of us. Don’t ever forget that there are no limits, only your imagination!

Send us your illustration until: 10 april 2013

12 Mar 2011

I made some changes.... more in the future.... I guess. :)

2 Jan 2011

The Living Dead....

8 Oct 2009

This is my interpretation of the Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland". I always liked the rabbit with is stress problems about time, like me :)

I try to create something different and the result was a hybrid creature: part human and animal but with a tattoo to have some style in Wonderland. Peace!

3 May 2009

This is the one and only "Naruto" from the anime cartoon "Naruto". I´m a fan of anime so I made this illustration like a sort of tribute. Hope you enjoy it.

28 Jan 2009

Draw or illustrate

Hi there, I have created this blogue because I pretend to expose my words in the shape of drawings, sketches or illustrations. In fact you may see it as a simple proposition of trying to be better in all the things I do. I want to learn new skills and ways to express my dreams and ideas. I hope to achieve such a goal in the future. Anyway that is my intention. Later!